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The First 60 Seconds

Win The Job Interview Before It Begins!
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The First 60 Seconds contains more than 40 DIFFERENTIATORS--unique activities to set you apart from the competition--and 25 ready-to-use TEMPLATES to effectively implement your individual First 60 Seconds approach.
Most job candidates don't know that in the First 60 Seconds, interviewers can decide whether the candidate will be moved to the top of the list... or dropped from consideration.
The First 60 Seconds is a groundbreaking and innovative book that shows job seekers how best to impress in that crucial first minute--and before--and gives strategies to constantly differentiate themselves from the competition.  From preparing a unique and differentiating credentials package to effectively connecting with the interviewer, candidates will learn how to proactively set themselves apart every time--especially essential with a high unemployment rate.


The First 60 Seconds:  A Complete Career Management Survival Guide.

In this one COMPREHENSIVE volume, readers will learn to master strategies addressing:
  • The 60 Days Before The Interview
  • The First 60 Seconds (meeting your prospective employer)
  • The Next 60 Minutes (the interview)
  • The Close
  • The 60-Month Career Plan


For new job seekers, those out on the market after years of steady employment, or the individual interested in more effectively managing an accelerated career plan, this book gives them the best tools to get the job in today's tight labor market.