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The First 60 Seconds

Win The Job Interview Before It Begins!
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"The reader who uses The First 60 Seconds as a step-by-step guidebook is likely to successfully differentiate him- or herself from the competition and, as a result, stand out as the best candidate for an appropriate position."

Good Readsby Falise Platt

5 out of 5 stars - THE Book that Goes the Extra Mile for Your Success - January 16, 2011
By gemini (Houston, TX USA)

I used several books to prepare for my interview. I "nailed" the interview so well that I got the job offer on the spot which - I was told - has never happen at that company before. And I attribute a large part of my success to this book.

To be honest, I only bought the book the night before my flight and only read Section 2 "The First 60 Seconds" during the flight to make a great first impression. And this book really helps me achieve that goal. It helps me visualize in vivid details the first 60 seconds of contact and how to act to make a great first impression. I read that section twice, summarized it, and visualized the whole thing several times before my interview. This helps me be confident and do well in the interview.

In addition, what I like about this book is that it really differentiates itself from other interview preparation books (I read "Your Parachute", "Guerrilla Marketing", "The Everything Practice Interview Book", and more). While most other books stop when you receive the job offer, this book goes the extra mile to prepare you to be successful at your new position, your career, and even your personal life! It's a heck of a job, Dan Burns!!!

 5 out of 5 stars - If You're Looking For A Job - READ THIS BOOK March 4, 2010

By B. Nelson


I would recommend anyone who's looking for a job to invest a few hours and read this book. The author provides a straight forward approach to assessing the job market, profiling a potential employer, provides a step-by-step approach on activities a job-seeker should do leading up to the interview, and focuses on what you must do in that initial introduction and interview to differentiate yourself from the rest.

This book can provide value for graduating students as well as seasoned professionals who may be considering a job change. Considering the competition in the job market today, I really believe the insights from this book can provide the difference to winning the job.


 5 out of 5 stars - Road Map To Getting Great Career Opportunities! February 19, 2010

By G. Doan


One of "the best Job Search and Career Development information sources" that I have ever read!!!

A comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of a successful job search and continued career development. The book provides a clear step-by-step "road map to success" for differentiating yourself to obtain the dream job that you want and for continuing to win meaningful, future career opportunities.

Sections on profiling strengths of personal qualifications and job experiences plus interview planning and managing the interview process are especially noteworthy in helping to develop a game plan to get the job that best fits your career passions and objectives.

Mr. Burns has hit a "home run" with his unique approach to a successful job search.


 5 out of 5 stars - How To Ace The Interview And Land The Job! December 19, 2009

By Ramona


I highly recommend The First 60 Seconds: Win the Job Interview before It Begins to all who are interested in effectively obtaining a job. I read this book and found excellent tips on how to prepare a cover letter, summary of qualification, resume, personal profile, company profile, and references as well as how to be prepared for the interview. Once I followed these excellent tips, I was able to land the job on the first try. Also, I will continue to read this book because of the excellent detail information on how to prepare for future career goals. 



 5 out of 5 stars - Great Interview Book! September 24, 2009

By D. Williams


If you are in need of an easy reading, well thought out and insightful book for interviewing, you can't do better than this book.



 5 out of 5 stars - Differentiate yourself! -  June 22, 2009

By  J. Macal 


Concise. Clearly written. Thorough. And neatly packaged. A direct hit on the target audience - individuals that want to differentiate themselves in the very competitive job market! The icons, spacing and paragraph headers are perfect for this material.The author did a great job with the chapter material on Goals & Planning, Networking, and Career Planning. These topics are difficult to condense and state clearly, yet are so important to our long-term relevance and career success. The templates and check lists are succinct and effective.



 5 out of 5 stars - Chock Full of Ideas to Set You Apart - May 5, 2009

By  P. J. Hickey


As a seasoned HR practitioner and a current job applicant, it's a pleasure to find a book that's chock full of advice on how to set yourself up to interview, and set yourself up for success. Follow Dan Burns' guidance and you'll learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd, and ultimately get the job!




“It really is possible to get that next great job before the interview even begins!”

“A truly unique approach to job interviewing and career management.  A must for anyone serious about establishing or advancing their career!”


“A logical, effective, and timeless approach.” 


“Techniques and strategies to effectively get that next great opportunity and to differentiate yourself from the crowd.” 


“Competition?  There’s always competition.  For those individuals who stand out above the rest, competition doesn’t matter.”


"If you think you have only one opportunity to make a great first impression, you’re wrong!”